New Lecture Notes: Bionics

The new lecture notes covering the hot topic “Bionics” can be downloaded HERE


The sheer infinite manifold of living beings has been designed with an astonishing small number of organic molecules. This was achieved by interplay of physics chemistry and genetics and the concept of hierarchical design. Many concepts of human rational design of smart materials have been invented by Mother Nature several billion years ago. Nature can teach us how to design highly sophisticated mechanical structures and systems comprising lengths scales from nanometer to meters by hierarchical design from functional modules (such as lipid membranes ion pumps, and molecular motors). Outstanding examples of primordial evolution are (i) the selection of smart organic molecular resulting in the self-assembly of energy producing machines, (ii) the advent of proton powered rotating motors enabling bacteria to search for food or escape dangers (iii) the design of smart materials exhibiting shape memory for rapid switching or unique surface properties. The design of larger animals from molecular modules was guided by the scaling laws of physics.

The notes can be downloaded HERE

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